Phalaris-Dyed Spice Approx 4-5 oz – 30″ Long By the bunch – 5.45 6 bunches or more 9.95 Very Hardy

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BUY PHALARIS-DYED SPICE.Phalaris grass is a huge, coarse grass with 16-18 inch long hairless erect stems. Canary Grass was originally grown for bird feed in the Mediterranean, but it’s no longer exclusively for the birds. Our lovely canary grass is a must-have for both crafters and florists. Colors range from green to yellowish to light tan. By its sheer nature, dried Phalaris Canary grass produces a beautiful show on its own. For a nice country vibe, tuck a handful of canary grass into a colorful painting. For a sophisticated and elegant appearance, place a bouquet of phalaris grass in a tall decorative vase. Phalaris Canary Grass is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind, and difficult-to-find decorative grass. Today, try some in your house or office.BUY PHALARIS-DYED SPICE.

Product: Dried Phalaris Grass – Canary Grass
Size: Large 4-6 oz bunch
Length:16-18 inches long
Colors: Natural (main image), (left to right) Autumn, Berry, Burnt Oak, Chocolate, Light Green, Moss Green, Tangerine
Case Option: Buy a full case of Phalaris Grass bunches and Save even More

In this stunning dyed Outstanding Orange color, Phalaris is back and hitting the dried market by storm.

It can be used whole or broken down for extra effect. Making a little bouquet out of the heads has a big impact on your design.

There is no way to count the stems, so they are sold by weight. This is a dyed version of a natural product. The tint of orange may vary!
Exceptional Value!

If kept out of direct sunlight, Phalaris will live for years!

Perfect for any arrangement, even weddings!


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