Dried pods

Poppy pod that have been dried naturally. The color is beige-brown, and each bunch contains about ten stems. Late spring, early summer, and fall are available.
You can buy dried poppy of the highest quality for your floral arrangement, artistic and crafting needs. The poppy plant develops seed pods after its flowers are done blooming, and these pods typically contain hundreds of very small seeds. Buy Dried Poddy and get the best deals at the lowest prices on
These premium dried poppy are of the finest quality, and make stunning additions to wreaths, floral arrangements, or potpourri.
Poppy straw is derived from opium poppies (Papaver somniferum) that are harvested when fully mature and dried by mechanical means, minus the ripe poppy ..  buy Dried pods at

What is a dried pods?
Dried Pods are an amazing addition to any arrangement. They add a natural and unmistakable beauty to any piece. Mother nature created these pods so it takes so much of the work out of making things beautiful. They also are dried and preserved to last for years.

What is a star pod?
Make a natural, textural statement anywhere in your home with our preserved Star Pod. Sustainably harvested from the Brazilian rainforest, these uniquely beautiful botanicals are dried in the sunlight for weeks to preserve their natural beauty for years to come


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