Dried Poppy Pods nett weight 2 lbs 230 Dried Flower Selection code DF2 these excellent quality dried poppy pods are great for all your decorative arrangements

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Dried poppy pods for crafts

DF2 DRIED FLOWER.230 Dried Flower Selection code DF2 Dried Poppy Pods nett weight 2 pounds These high-quality dried poppy pods are ideal for a variety of ornamental purposes.DF2 DRIED FLOWER

Is it illegal to sell poppy seeds?
Laws Concerning the Opium Poppy

This is due to the fact that selling or purchasing seeds is not unlawful. They only have a trace of the drug…. It is prohibited and a federal felony to cultivate opium poppy plants. It is illegal to have dried opium poppy seed pods or stalks on your property.
Is it illegal to grow poppy seed?
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Poppy seeds, which are legal and freely accessible from numerous seed catalogues, are made from Papaver somniferum plants. Growing opium poppies for the purpose of making opium tea, heroin, or any other intoxicating narcotic is indisputably illegal.

When is the best time to harvest poppy seed heads?
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Pods turn brown and form a hard carapace when the weather is dry near the conclusion of the growing season. When this cracks up, the little seed will fall out. Harvesting poppy seeds requires waiting until the pods are completely dry. Poppy seeds that are harvested too early may lose their viability and ability to germinate.



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