Fresh, Untreated, Unprocessed & The BEST Quality Pods{5lb}




A wonderful complement to any arrangement is dried pods. They give any work a raw, unmistakable beauty. These pods were made by nature, which greatly reduces the effort involved in creating beauty. In order to preserve them for years, they are also dried.
For instance, our Baobab pods are an exquisitely polished, one-of-a-kind pod from an African baobab tree (which, incidentally, is the main tree in Disney’s Animal Kingdom). The polished, stemmed pods are one-of-a-kind in their beauty.

Another great addition to any bouquet, wreath, garland, potpourri dish, or ornamental jar is the dried badam nut pods. Their combination of browns and tans, along with their curved and woody shapes, make them not only intriguing but also incredibly attractive.


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